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15 June 2006 @ 05:49 pm
Update 1  
I have several updates, all on different subjects, so instead of rambling from one to the next in one giant omnibus post, I shall post several shorter ones, all organized and neat.

There is a hospital... uh, group? Company? Something, here in Central Florida. It has five or six branches, but the main offices are downtown. This is where my father has worked since I was six, where my mother ran volunteer groups, where my sister and aunt and uncle and cousin work, where I worked on vacations during college. You get the idea. Most of my acquaintences in Orlando work there. Lots of people I went to high school with work there. And so on.

My dad's a doctor there, and his partnership bought a table for a charity function. Nobody in the group actually wanted to go, though, so the invites got passed on to me, my sister, and her friends. It was held at the very swanky J.W. Mariott (actually IN Orange County, so hee!) and was a formal-type affair. Not superformal, like the annual Gala they hold every year, where men actually wear tuxes, but formal enough for fancy cocktail wear.

The beneficiary of the event was the new Cancer Institute for Women and Girls. They had video running of little girls with bald heads playing in the cancer ward, and even brought out a six-year-old who's been undergoing treatment for leukemia since she was 2. It boggles my mind, that all she's ever known is going to the hospital and drinking chemicals that make her feel sick, and radiation that makes her hair fall out. Poor baby. She's supposed to finish treatment this year.

On to the shallow part. There was a live auction, where paintings, trips and such were auctioned off for thousands of dollars. Someone won an African safari for $9000. Someone else won a trip to... uh, someplace else, and the auctioneer incited people to bid by saying "It's a chance to really see how the other half lives." I nudged my cousin and hissed "This IS the other half!" There was a trip to LA and TICKETS TO THE EMMYS auctioned off, y'all. I mean, DAMN. I was set to bid, even though I have no job and no money. I had a credit account with $5100 in it, and I was gonna spend it all if it meant I could go to the Emmys. Seriously.

Sadly, bidding STARTED at $6000. Gah. Sporked before I could begin. I bet Ben would be at the Emmys. Woe!

Other half, my ass.

Anyway, there was also a silent auction, with prizes like golf trips, spa treatments, Tiffany jewelry, even plastic surgery. (Although it did say that it couldn't be applied to actual surgery, just to nonsurgical treatments that they offer. Which I thought was kinda stupid. I would totally bid on plastic surgery and get my face contoured. Even after seeing the violent liposucking of schmecky's fake ass.) I, pathetic wretch that I am, bid on a $500 gift card for Albertson's grocery store. I figured hey, if I get it for under $500, free groceries! But I didn't win. Grrr. I won nothing. I did steal the centerpiece, though. Dark red roses and red mums in a silver-looking (plastic) urn. Hah!

Lastly-- the fashion show. There was a fashion show, y'all. I thought I'd die. There was a Jennifer Love Hewitt lookalike model, a vaguely Paris Hilton-looking model, some guy who looked like he should be on the WB because he was so smokin' hot, and Jennifer Capriati. The actual Jennifer Capriati, who I have to say looked so much better than most of the models. I don't like seeing a person's sternum through their skin. Joey Fatone and his wife were also supposed to model, but apparently didn't show. That made me kinda sad, because it totally would have made my OC experience complete.

I drank 2 glasses of wine. They charged me $10 each. For really pretty crap wine, too. I don't think that part went to charity.

I so want to go next year. And every year after that until I win the damn Emmy tickets.
Elletheletterelle on June 15th, 2006 11:17 pm (UTC)
Eeeee! My fat ass will make you look goooood. ;)

What does one do as an entourager? I do promise not to embarrass you with "OMG I LOVE YOUR SHOW PLEEZ SIGN MY BOOBS!" Apart from that, I'm not sure what else my responsibilities would be.