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05 July 2006 @ 12:58 pm
Summer vacation!!  
A cousin is getting married in Redlands, CA in a couple weeks. I'd figured we couldn't go, but Mom and Dad are buying me a ticket! I get to go to Cali! And since I'm not working, I've got flexibility on when I come back. And where I go while I'm out there. :) (Rob doesn't want to go, or they would buy him a ticket too.)

I can spend almost 2 weeks, it looks like. At least one week of that must be spent in SoCal, but there should be a day or two that I can take to see people. I'll be flying out on Wednesday, July 19, and will be free for socializing around the 24th, 25th, or 26th. Who can I see? schmecky and bananadiameter? rednikki and quinnclub? kitarra, dreamwarden, et al? Anyone else I'm forgetting? I will have a car.

I'm considering taking a side trip. Where should I go? The Vegas to see lugonn? Anyone within a reasonable distance want to join me? (*pokes smolder*) Or should I go to the Bay area and see maudgonne, mswalter, zigorra, eac and James? How long does it take to drive up the PCH from Ontario to SF? Mapquest says it's 6.5 hours on the 5, but I suspect PCH will be quite a bit longer. Is the prettiness worth it?

Yay, I get to come visit friends! *dances*
Jer: HappyBoy - Steve Sandvoss (from B'Lane)lugonn on July 6th, 2006 09:50 pm (UTC)
Hmmm. I might be leaving for New Jersey on the 25th. Or I might go to Baltimore instead the following week. Things are still unsettled - I'm coordinating with a co-worker about the trip.

Why do all of smolder's friends think he needs a chaperone? Several of you ladies have offered to accompany him to see me, and if I visit Washington, violence was threatened if I'm not taken around for visits with others. I could be wrong, but I strongly suspect he and I can find a way to pass the time together even without adult supervision. ;)

So, tentatively a visit here might be good, but I just don't know. And probably you need to make plans sooner than I will know the details of my schedule. Work is paying for the trip so it doesn't really matter if we end up buying plane tickets at the last minute, but I know for normal people who pay with their own money, advance purchase is *really* preferable.
Elletheletterelle on July 7th, 2006 12:33 am (UTC)

I just wanted to see both of you. And I knew he would want to come see you.

Never mind.
Jer: Someone to watch over me - Ryanlugonn on July 7th, 2006 12:45 am (UTC)
Sweetie, I was teasing. I just think it is funny how his friend Ari wants to check me out before I'm really safe enough for him so I enjoy putting all of his protective femalee friends into that bin. I never really thought you didn't want to meet me. I tend to be smart-alecky.

I'd like to meet you regardless of Smolder. Actually, if he comes along, I'd feel guilty about you coming up there because I might get too distracted to really meet you. Either that or I'd glare at you because you'd force him to get dressed now and then. :)

I had a dream last night where you and he came to Vegas. You looked like the picture you are using in this icon. We were all in a fancy two-bedroom suite in a hotel. After a bit we wandered off to one of the bedrooms and you were stuck watching TV in the living room. After a while I poked my head out and asked you to get us some water since I was running out of saliva, then I disappeared again. Hours later we came out to see how you were doing and then you made me go down to the casino for a while so you and he could dish about me. You were partially amused and partially annoyed, but mostly you were smug that you were right.

Yes, I have weird dreams.