Elle (theletterelle) wrote,

The plan is (mostly) set.

Okay. I will be flying into Ontario, which I guess is the airport nearest my sister's house, on July 19. I will be busy with family until July 24, so will be free to do stuff on the 24th, 25th, and 26th in the greater SoCal area. This part includes me having a car, so I can come to those of you who are so busy you have no time to breathe. On the 27th, I will fly up to Oakland. I can get around okay on public transit up there, right? I will be hanging around the Bay Area from the 27th to August 1, when I will fly back home from Oakland.

So. Five days in the Bay. :) Um. Would anyone like to offer me a bed for a night or two? If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but I like to spend as much time with my friends as possible. I have a sister-in-law in Oakland I can stay with for a couple nights, so I should be okay as far as hotel issues. But I want to spend time with my Bay Area flist. :)
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