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02 August 2006 @ 06:03 pm
Catching up on Daily Shows. And Rob is making me dinner. I <3 him.

We discussed the yard. It's time to begin the Yard Project. Rob pulled a bush out of the ground with his bare hands, roots and all. We discussed the rainwater reclamation troughs, cutting down of trees, and planting of everything other than grass. This is going to be fun.

Time to go back to the gardening posts and figure out what's going to go where. We get free mulch from the county! Rawk!

Also, I am going to plant a container of tomatoes, since we don't have beds ready. Southern Living says I can still get a crop in before winter, and I would really like to make and freeze some homemade spaghetti sauce to have all winter long.

But not today. I'm still wiped from the trip and the time change. Losing three hours is hard. Zzzz.