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25 August 2006 @ 03:40 pm
I am washing yards of fabric, and fussing because even with ELEVEN YARDS OF NEW FABRIC, I can't start any projects. I decided the black silk noil needs to be a cloak rather than a robe, so I can finally use that cloak clasp that I bought 10+ years ago. The green noil was supposed to be celadon, but turned out to be more bright kiwi. I have nothing against bright kiwi, but it's a color often used in Florida couture of the type worn by middle-aged women. So. The black noil now has to wait until the pewter habotai comes in to line it.

The natural noil is to be dyed, but I'm waiting for my natural dyes to come in so I can make something really beautiful. Whee! The hemp that I dyed previously is not softening, despite multiple washings, so it will have to be used decoratively on... something.

The green noil is on the porch, becoming blue-to-green-to-yellow noil. I had the dyes, but they're chemical, but I figured hell, this was already commercially dyed, so it doesn't make a difference. So I'm overdyeing, and suspect it's going to come out really well. :)

Lightweight organic cotton/hemp blend is supposed to get here any day now. Grr. That I'll dye with turmeric and juniper berries. But it has to GET HERE.

The amethyst and moonstone beads arrived for the chainmail belly dance belt, except they neglected to include two of my amethyst bead strings, and the moonstone beads don't fit on the eyepins. So moonstones are out and will have to become something else, and I am now waiting on Swarovskis to arrive that will go with the amethyst.

The only projects left are the two embroidery sample pieces. I could do those. But I am tired, and it's been raining all day, and I just really want a nap.

I also applied for two other jobs today. The search continues.

*considers dyeing some plain muslin or something, because wtf*