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06 September 2006 @ 03:25 pm
I like these detailed horoscopes, but I'm not sure how much stock to put in them. That said, I desperately want to believe that what she says about the events after September 22 are true.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your September Horoscope by Susan Miller

The planets this month will be raging at each another, so tensions will be high for everyone of every sign, particularly in the first week of September. Two eclipses this month will occur in Pisces and Virgo, and those will ask you to make radical adjustments to developing situations that will surface suddenly in your home / family / property area, as well as later in your career.

It will be an exhausting month because so much will happen at once. Along with tense messages of the planets, a few happy, beneficial ones will come along too, setting up an atmosphere of confusing mixed messages. In this rather wild and wooly environment, just about everyone will to look to you to solve problems. Keep your schedule light so that you can easily divert your attention to putting out fires when they erupt. [That shouldn't be a problem. I have nothing *but* time.]

Let's have a closer look at the planets because your sign, dear Sagittarius, along with Virgo, Pisces, and Gemini, are likely to feel the changes most this month.

As the month opens, a crown of stars will be gathering in your sector of professional success, a wonderful development. At the very same time, at the bottom of your chart ruling home, property, and family, we find unpredictable Uranus and the full moon lunar eclipse to be heading toward a conjunction on September 7. These two gangs of planets, one in your house of home, a larger group in an opposite house of career, will set up a dynamic tension in your chart and continually rock your attention back and forth, and force you to put your attention in two directions. [What does it mean when you have no professional success?]

Before the full moon lunar eclipse occurs, Mercury will oppose Uranus to exact degree on September 3. This will be the first salvo to alert you that as busy as you are with your career, a domestic situation will require your quick and urgent attention now. What is about to happen this week is not something you could have ever anticipated. News won't be easy to hear. [I don't recall anything happening on that date.]

If you ever actually did imagine this home-related situation, your chart suggests that you assumed you would be going through this several years in the future. Now, however, quite suddenly, that very thing is happening.

Even more home, property, or family tensions will build by Tuesday, September 5, when the Sun and Uranus will create a very powerful, stressful opposition. You won't know whether to give your work or your home the greater attention, but clearly, your private home life will win out. With planets lining up in a seesaw position, each tugging on the ones on the opposite side of the wheel, in reality you will have to give both some focus, but it won't be easy. [All I did yesterday was sleep, really.]

It will be critical that you protect your home and property against water damage, as Uranus will be in Pisces, the sign of the sea. Make sure your drinking water is clean and safe as well, and that any liquids that are dangerous are either disposed of or out of the hands of children. Liquids, oils, water, ice - all these areas could become a source of problems if the news is oriented around your physical property rather than emotional relationships with your parent(s). [Crap. A hurricane, maybe?]

At work, you appear to have a very detail-intensive project on the front burner that will be hard to extract yourself from, even for a day or two. With four planets in nit-picky Virgo touring your house of fame and honors, you seem to be working on a high-profile, detailed project that will require your steady concentration. Your drive to make your mark will be much stronger than usual, but in a week when planets are acting like mavericks, you will have to do the best you can.

The first days back from the Labor Day holiday (if you live the USA) will clearly be tense, but it will be important that you not lash out at an authority figure such as a boss or client on the job. It would also be easy to lash out at a male figure at home, such as your mate (if you are a woman reader) or your father, landlord, or contractor, as some examples. With tension hanging in the air so thick you will be able to practically slice it with a knife, you are likely to say hurtful things. Being a Sagittarius, you are known for your blunt expressions, but if you fly off the handle now, you could do much damage. [Um, I'm a Sag, but I am totally not known for blunt expressions. I'm super-diplomatic.]

Actually, in the first week, you need not worry too much about your performance, for your chart shows you are doing well. On the heels of the difficult home-related aspects mentioned above will come a bright and cheery three-star dazzler of a career day on Wednesday, September 6. [Today? Okay, 2 hours till COB. Let's see if anything happens.]

This day, Wednesday, September 6, that will show you clearly just how dearly you are valued on the job. Jupiter, your ruling planet and also the planet known to bring financial rewards and happiness, will send the Sun a bucket of golden beams. It would be a superb day to give a client presentation, as you would reap favor from higher ups. You will know you have built up momentum and will want to keep it going. If only that would be possible during this wild week!

The full moon lunar eclipse will arrive on Thursday, September 7, bringing emotions to a heightened level in regard to a home or family situation. Since Pisces and Virgo are both challenging signs to your Sun sign, and that most of the planets are in those signs, whatever comes up now, out of nowhere, will be quite emotionally draining. I am so sorry to deliver this news, and I just hope there will be other mitigating planets in your chart that I cannot see from where I sit. [Well hell.]

If you were planning to buy a house or sell one, something could come up from the other party that nixes or complicates the deal. If you are expecting furniture delivery, you could find something wrong with it when it arrives, or it may arrive late, throwing your other plans into disarray. (If it's a bed for a guest, you can just imagine!) Whatever comes up, the issue will come at you out of the blue like a meteorite hurled from space.

Depending what occurs, and when your birthday falls, you may be dealing with something terribly inconvenient on one end of the Richter scale, or, on the other end, a full-blown crisis.

If your birthday falls on December 7 or if you have Sagittarius rising 15 degrees, you will feel this eclipse most directly.

As a result of this lunar eclipse, a woman may be leaving your environment at this time. I say this because a lunar eclipse (read as female) will often become "eclipsed out" of your life, and in this case, that person would be tied to your home / family / property.

This person may be your mother, grandmother, or your favorite aunt, as just a few examples, but before you become concerned, let me assure you that your beloved relative could leave for a variety of reasons. For example, your mother may want to move to a retirement community in a warm, sunny climate. Or, it could be your female roommate who may move out, not because you aren't friends any more, but because she's just gotten engaged or some other life event has caused the move.

Admittedly, some of the reasons might not be quite as cheery. If you are a male Sagittarius and you have been living with your girlfriend, you may wake up one morning to suddenly discover your partner is about to pack her bags and move out. As odd as this sounds, your chart suggests her decision may have more to do with a need for independence and private space than it would with anything that is going on in your relationship.

You have had Uranus moving through your home sector since 2003, so your home situation has been in flux for some time. If you recently relocated to a new area, you may have had to move residences more than once before you found the right space. This month might bring one of those transition moves once again. I say that because more eclipses will come next year in this part of your chart in March and September. You seem not ready to become completely settled any time soon.

(If the above-mentioned news concerns you, keep in mind that the coming eclipses can just as easily help you buy a country house as move your main residence. It is also possible that certain relatives may be your focus instead. There are many possibilities.)

Prospects for your career will be simply sensational for you this month. With a packed tenth house of professional status, promotion, and applause, plus a friendly new moon solar eclipse falling there too on September 22, a sudden professional offer may sound too good to be true. Look at it carefully, as this one might be something you want. [Please please please let this be true.]

The eclipse suggests a male boss or major client is about to leave, and when this is announced it will cause ripples throughout the company. Often when a boss leaves, it opens up lots of opportunity, for the people that this boss brought in often decide to leave eventually, too. Watch for fabulous career news to arrive just after the new moon eclipse September 22. [PLEASE.]

This solar eclipse will fall at 29 degrees Virgo, the degree of completion. This suggests that you may be offered a new position or promotion now, but you may decide to pass on it because it won't bring you into new territory. Your chart shows this eclipse to be your career reward point of 2006, so think it over and look at all the positives. Certainly, this would not be a lateral move, but a real step up. Still, you may be bored with your job - now that you have reached the top of the pyramid you may not feel that excited about the new position. Also, clearly, things are happening on the home front, and you may find attending to both simply too much to bear right now.

If that should be the case - that this job offer is just not right for you or that the timing is off - you may want to wait until Jupiter enters Sagittarius. This will happen in just two little months, on November 24 of this year. [No way, dude. If the offer comes, I'm taking it.]

Once Jupiter enters Sagittarius, this generous planet of luck, prosperity, happiness, and health will remain in your sign continuously for a full year. This will be a major point in your timeline, for it will be first time since 1995 that Jupiter will visit your sign. From late November 2006 onward, all sorts of opportunities will open up for you quite suddenly, so if you don't get offered the right position now, bide your time. Your next career window will open in early March, at the next eclipse. [So things are going to get better? I hope so.]

Romantically, with so much going on regarding your public and private life, you will long for a deeply romantic alliance for comfort and support. Once Mars enters your people / events / friends sector from September 8 to October 24, you should have more than your share of events to look forward to. These outings won't simply be "icing on the cake," but rather a way to keep yourself sane. Go out and enjoy the company of your friends. Considering all the pressures and decisions you will have to deal with this month, you deserve all the fun you can get.

If you have been dating, you may be dismayed to learn that your date viewed your time together lately as a fun romance, but nothing more. Worse, you may suddenly be given the "we should date others" speech. This news is likely to arrive on September 3 in the form of a text message, IM, or email, but not in person, proving that this person apparently doesn't have the courage to face you. All things considered, you'll be better off alone!

If you have been dating someone in an established relationship or if you are married, near September 3 you may be just as dismayed to learn that you and your partner have come to view your relationship differently. When you hear what your partner has to say, you may not like what you hear. Oddly, it may be your rising status in your career that now throws your relationship into turmoil. This month the two of you will be challenged to get on the same page. [Yeah, Rob-- get on my page! :)]

How things turn out will ultimately depend on how willing you'll be to continue this union and to fix what's wrong. If you love your partner, you will want to do all that's necessary. If you don't, the extreme clashing of planets in September may just push you hard enough to throw in the towel. See how you feel - you'll know the course that is right for you.

If your friends offer to play matchmaker this month, let them. They will help you by setting up as many introductions as you like, and they seem to know your type to a T. In that respect, single and unattached Sagittarius will do well.

Venus' entry into your fun sector on the month's very last day, September 30, to stay until October 24, is another sign life is looking up!

Best date nights: September 6, 23, 27, 28, and 30


A radical change in your home life is likely to rock your world this month. You may hear about an impending residential move, a major change concerning one of the people within your household, or news involving one of your parents. In the latter case, for example, your parent(s) may announce a plan to separate or remarry. This news will leave you shocked and will come up as a result of the lunar eclipse on September 7.

While your private life has adjustments, your career life will show amazing growth. A chance for a major promotion or exciting new job should show up shortly after the new moon, September 22. This will be a top spot, so the interviews you have to nab it will be pointed and very detailed. If you've done your homework, it will show.

With Pluto turning direct speed in Sagittarius from September 4 onward, you will be quite driven to succeed. Use a light touch, however, as it will be easy to overdo and almost frighten others with your drive to get the job. With planets in Virgo, the candidate who shows a desire to modestly serve the interests of others, whether in-house (employees) or in the world (end users), will win this coveted spot. Avoid these pitfalls and it will be yours.

If you begin your campaign early in September, you should see results sometime in the last ten days of the month, thanks to the solar eclipse, September 22, which will help you.

Now that your profile will be high, assume a very high profile on the job - you will need to look the part.

With so much going on regarding your public and private life, you will long for a strong social life and a happy romantic life. Once Mars enters your people / events / friends sector on September 8, and will be set to stay there until October 24, you should be happy to see that you will have more than enough events to enjoy.

If you are in a close, established relationship, the tensions of the month may spill into this part of your life, too. Early in the month, when Mars and Mercury are both in opposition to Uranus, you may be surprised to see that you and your partner view your relationship very differently.

You may be thinking your alliance is warm and nourishing, but your partner may say it's just the opposite. Your partner may bring up all sorts of hidden resentments that he or she has been harboring for a while.

It appears that the very thing that has been making you happy - your burgeoning, successful career - is what is causing problems in you relationship. What you do is up to you, but remember: You worked hard to get to the position you have now, and no doubt your partner has benefited from the prosperity you've brought to the union. How things work out will depend on how your relationship has been proceeding up until now and where you'd like it to go in the future.

Alas, at some time during this month you may come to realize the whole point of this month's stressful planets will be to show you clearly where your true heart lies. That self-knowledge, dear Sagittarius, will be simply priceless.
Jer: Desire - Luke/Ryanlugonn on September 7th, 2006 12:40 am (UTC)
Rob, just in case you read that, he's being sarcastic.
Rob, just in case you're reading this, Lugonn is almost always being sarcastic. Except for the cuddling. :)