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06 September 2006 @ 04:01 pm
Okay. Tea dyeing didn't work, either because of not enough tea or not dark enough or... something. So. The yellow robe (which I had expected to be golden but came out canary yellow) (and then was tea-dyed into a darker shade, but now has tea splash marks on it) is going to be dyed with osage orange, and post-mordanted with iron into what is supposed to be moss green. We can only hope.

That means one silk robe will be dyed purple with logwood and tin mordant. The one hemp robe that was tea-dyed is now being coffee-dyed, hopefully to a state of darker brown. That will then be accented with the orange hemp (remember that?) covered in henna designs. Oh yeah, I am queen of changing plans. :)

End result: 3 silk robes, 1 undyed, 1 green (chemically) dyed, 1 purple (naturally) dyed. 3 hemp/cotton robes, 1 green (hopefully) (naturally) dyed, 1 brown (naturally) dyed, 1...

What the hell happened to that other one? GAH!
High-velocity pie of deathnixieq on September 7th, 2006 05:14 am (UTC)
er, i meant, better than chai, since companies can use many different types of tea as the base for their chai.