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03 January 2005 @ 05:44 pm
The Year Of Getting Money  
Well, I get money every year. This year might be more accurately titled "The Year of Keeping My Money Instead Of Spending It On Crap."

My monthly financial breakdown goes like this:

Living expenses- 41%
Debt repayment- 35%
Fixed discretionary spending (gym, Netflix, etc.)- 4%
Floating discretionary spending- 19%

There's 1% missing, due to rounding. But you get the idea. I've been spending >20% of my take-home pay on... stuff. Usually books, fabric, and DVDs. That stops this year.

For one thing, Rob and I spent all last weekend organizing my fabric. Fuck, y'all. I have literally hundreds of yards of quilting fabric. I have enough to make 50 quilts, I'd estimate. Thank God, a large chunk of it was purchased at very very low prices, but still. No more fabric. There is no space for it, and I don't need it. I have enough to keep me busy for at least two years. Whenever I feel the urge to buy fabric, I'll just visit the boxes and boxes and drawersfull I have in my sewing room, go through and imagine the quilts I'd make, and then put it away. NO MORE FABRIC.

No more books, either. I got enough B&N and Borders gift cards, plus new books, that I don't need to spend my own money for months. AND I live so close to the local library, it's pathetic. I could walk there. It'd be a long walk, but still doable. The only reason I stopped going was because I would habitually check out 15 books at once, then keep them forever past the due dates and pay huge fines. No more. I checked out 5 this weekend. I will hit the library every Friday after work, dropping off what I've finished and picking up enough new to replace them, never keeping more than 5 out at once.

DVDs are problematic. They're so expensive, but I WANT them. I do have Netflix to curb my worst excesses, but I keep reading about new stuff coming out, and want want want. Hmm. Maybe I can buy 2 DVDs per month? And if I skip a month, the next month I can buy a full season DVD set of a show I want. Hmm. That sounds doable without breaking my budget.

The more I save, the sooner I can visit Nova Scotia to find out if my dream is really what I want. Hey, a late summer trip might actually be possible. :)
High-velocity pie of deathnixieq on January 3rd, 2005 05:42 pm (UTC)
go you! that all sounds very doable, and practical to boot. giving yourself outlets (netflix + dvd budget plan) is the best way to curb bad habits. *hug* good luck!
boadiccea on January 3rd, 2005 06:10 pm (UTC)
I recommend using the library and netflix for most stuff, then maybe once a month buying yourself something. You can even use half.com or ebay to try to find deals (or overstock.com, etc.)

Believe me, we're trying to be more frugal, too. :)