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27 September 2006 @ 12:45 am
To help keep me from being overwhelmed...

Call GULC Student Accounts (AGAIN) and find out why there's a ten-year-old hold on my account. WTF? 202-687-3331 or 7100 They are checking and "will call me back," which I'm pretty sure means they're going to sit on their asses with their thumbs up their butts and do nothing. So I will call again later today. UPDATE: They called back! Their mistake! The hold is removed. HAH!

Fill out the form for the pro bono thing I'm doing, fold it up and mail it. Find out if the determination letter was filed for for IRS. If so, get copy. If not, file for it.

Copy and fill out two state application forms for the state's attorney's offices. Fold and mail.
Apply (resume, cover letter, and three references) to UCF. Email.
Call FAMU and get them to send me an application, since theirs WILL NOT PRINT. I don't have 3 years supervisory experience in a law library. Dammit.
Research and answer questions for Sentinel's JJ questionnaire.

Sew on cloak

Sew a quilt block

Sew more of cloak

Finish cloak?
Sew quilt block

Sew quilt blocks, 1 each night.