Elle (theletterelle) wrote,

Mmmm. Fury.

When I told bstro that I was scouting for angry music, he pointed out that he has three Stabbing Westward albums. Heh. I had no idea it was that many-- aren't they all the same? *ducks thirdsouthhobbi*

I am swimming in anger, and it feels goooooood. So good that I managed to stay up till 6 am, despite a very short night before. I like this. I feel satisfied. Also tired.

And excited! Because Stone Sour is touring in Florida! Three dates within reasonable (i.e. less than 4 hours) driving distance, so there has to be at least one I can get to. Maybe two. We'll see. Disturbed is with them, and I'm just starting to listen to them, so I have music to last for the next couple months. Whee! (Seriously, this will be the first ROCK concert I've been to in forever. I love PTree, but they don't rock out this hard. They're cool in other ways.)

I can already tell that "Through Glass" may get overplayed really fast. In my head, if nothing else. It's catchy and melancholy and angsty and all that stuff I like. But it can get very old very fast, I think.

Other news: I am going to be working a (mostly) full day, two days a week for the next two weeks. I think that's one thing that has me so up. I have a job. I'm something again, even if it's only part time. And I love what I'm doing. Today I went through all the databases the university has access to, and DAMN. Archives I never dreamed of when I was in college, personal correspondence and all the information you need to get hold of it. (Not the actual text, obviously, cause this is some rare stuff, but DAMN, if I'd had that when I was writing my thesis... *sob*) If I could work there full time, I'd have no excuse for not writing, because there is so much information that sparks so many story ideas. Maps of immigrant populations and how they spread through the US (and how their supernatural folk followed them? yeah, Neil Gaiman dealt with the gods in American gods, and Laurell K. Hamilton plays around with the standard European fae in the Merry Gentry books, but there's still room for more.) Maps of everywhere, in every time. Any fact I want for the looking for it. I could play with the world.

It's too good, right? Too good to ever happen. I don't want to hope for it. But I kind of am.

If I don't get to bed, I'm never going to make it to the gym tomorrow. Gah.
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