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05 December 2006 @ 02:34 pm
Things that are crazy  

So. Last I recall, I was working on a quilt. Thanks to totally
focusing on that to the exclusion of everything, including poor bstro, I finished it at midnight the night before the shower.
It really is gorgeous. Sadly, I was so tired I neglected to get a good
pic of it. I think my sister might have one of her and me and the
quilt, so I'll see if I can find it.

Somewhere in there was my birthday. I got to eat sushi, which was
awesome. Yay birthday sushi!

I'm at my new job. It would be more interesting if things weren't
shutting down for the semester, leaving me very little to do. If I go
home early, I don't get paid. Dammit. This hourly shit is the suck.
Something may be Done about that very soon (she said vaguely).

I have been so busy that last Friday, I came home and fell asleep at
4:30 pm. SO TIRED. Gah.

And then there was Saturday. And the play that bstro has
been waiting half his life to see-- Corey Glover (of Living Colour)
starring as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. The tickets were his
birthday present from my mom, and we drove 2 hours to Tampa to see it.
Only once the lights went down, a voice said "Today, the role of Judas
will be performed by..."


I was outraged, and raced out to the box office and politely (and a bit
desperately) insisted on a refund or exchange or something. They heard
my story, and refunded the money. So yay for Tampa people. We drove
another 2 hours back home (complicated by getting lost a couple of
times). It turned out the show was in Melbourne the next day, about 1.5
hours away, so we went down there, Rob calling the box office every few
minutes until they picked up. Was Corey G. going to play Judas? They
didn't know. We got there. They still didn't know. NOBODY KNEW. The
very nice ushers let us stand at the door to the theater and watch the
beginning of the play on the monitors in the lobby, so we could
determine if it was Corey. It wasn't. 1.5 hours home.


Anyone else could have been replaced, and we would have been okay. BUT

The show is touring through May, I think. We're contemplating a trip
somewhere to catch it. Cause seriously, Rob's wanted to see Corey
Glover do this for so many years. We are not giving up.

Up to date now? Excellent.

Tomorrow is my birthday present to me. Stone Sour! Disturbed!
Nonpoint and Flyleaf, who I actually don't like all that much, but oh
well! Stone Sour and Disturbed! I am driving 2 hours north to see
them, and I plan to be at the head of the line to get in. Yes, I'm
going to wait all day. It's fun. :) Although with the way things are
going, a tiny voice is telling me that Disturbed and Stone Sour are
going to cancel and leave the entire concert to Nonpoint and Flyleaf.

*screams lyrics out the window*

The kicker is that I just found out today that the tour was actually IN
ORLANDO. I missed it cause we were driving to Tampa to get shafted.
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