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08 December 2006 @ 04:47 pm
Oh man, I am sore. It's true, it's always worse the second day.

The concert was fucking amazing. I was so caught up in it, I blew out my voice a bit. I've had a sore throat since, but I don't care, cause I was SCREAMING those lyrics, and it felt so good.

Nonpoint- were much better live than on the album. I wish they could've had the time Flyleaf did, because the singer was far more charismatic, and I liked the music better. And I moshed! I went into the pit! I got knocked down, and someone fell on me! Someone else hit me in the mouth, and I got a cut on my lip! I felt so hardcore. Hee. :)

The pit was fascinating. I'd never noticed before, but it's exactly like young moose or goats battling for supremacy. One guy will focus on another, they each hunch down, one shoulder out, and go flying at each other to crash and send one sprawling backwards. I stopped after a couple songs, because I felt out of place in that environment. Plus it was fun to watch.

Flyleaf- enh. The singer's energy was focused inward, and no matter how much the rest of the band jumped around, it couldn't make up for lackluster leadership. Engage the audience, dear. Don't hide behind your hair.

Stone Sour- OMFG. Seeing them rivals the Marillion Christmas concert of 2002. (And at that concert, we got to party with the band.) I don't love all the songs they did, but the ones I didn't love, I loved to watch Corey sing. I loved watching Jim's goofy looks. I just can't even tell you how fantastic it was to be THAT CLOSE, six feet away from one of my (now) favorite bands. Dude, Corey took a gulp of water and spit it out all over us! And then he threw the bottle out, and the guy behind me caught it! And then he gave it to me! I didn't save the bottle, because that is lame and stalker-like, but I did drink the rest of the water. My DNA touched Corey's DNA! Hee!

Disturbed- Beautiful staging, awesome pyrotechnics (fireballs! woo fireballs!) and great music. This was marred by the number of people who decided it's fun to crowd-surf, so that I spent most of my time watching behind me for incoming people-bombs rather than watchign the stage. I was getting seriously annoyed. I understand crowd-surfing is fun, and you're caught up in the moment, but I'm tired of getting kicked, or worse, you landing on my head and wrenching my neck. You guys are not light. I want to concentrate on the show, dammit, not push your ass over the wall.

All in all, the high point of the concert was Stone Sour. They promised to come back, and I hope when they do, they headline, or at least have a longer set. The Disturbed set was the prettiest and the most technically complex, but Stone Sour felt more real. Corey was cheerful and foul-mouthed, and it felt like he really talked to and connected with us, rather than saying the same lines at every show. I want to see them again, and SOON.
Mary Lewysmlewys on December 8th, 2006 11:24 pm (UTC)
It sounds like a kickass time, baby! I'm so glad it was AWESOME!