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11 December 2006 @ 11:55 am
I want to update, despite having nothing really to say.

Um. We cleaned the downstairs last weekend, and I have to say, having a clean space is really, really nice. Very soothing. I'm working on putting things away when I'm done with them, which has always been a huge stumbling block for me. I keep forgetting how much I like order. More than anything, I'm trying to be mindful rather than spacy about these kinds of things. If I keep my head in the moment rather than drifting off into the ether, I think it'll be easier to do better. (And bstro, you are welcome, even encouraged, to remind me. It's not nagging, it's helping.)

I have the organizing urge right now. I want to get everything in the house cleaned, organized, and put away before the next semester starts and I have no time. This means, primarily, my sewing room. I want to be able to find thread, and set up the ironing board without knocking myself down. (Thought: an ironing board attached to the door? This would eliminate the problem of setting up, breaking down, and storing the big ironing board. I like this thought.)

thirdsouthhobbi, you were right about me liking Breaking Benjamin. I have We Are Not Alone on continuous repeat. The other two albums are next on the list.

I'm not participating in the Xmas list meme, for two reasons. 1: I don't have money or time to give to anyone, so that pretty much eliminates any gift. 2: Everything I want is far too expensive to put on a list. The time thing (plus the OMG STRESS of it all) is also why I never do midwinter holiday cards. Sorry, y'all. If you want to send them to me, you can, but I will never reciprocate.

Oh, news. I have applied to yet another job in the university system-- this one being full time with awesome benefits. I sent in the cover letter and resume and references to the Library HR person, who has got to be tired of hearing from me by now. :) We Shall See. I have had luck ever since starting at the university, so this might actually work out. In the meantime, I will at least have 40 hours a week, and can do things like buy food. I like that.

I want this week to end, and it's only Monday. Gah.
I feel: chipperchipper
I can hear: Breaking Benjamin, "Away"
Dana: [ei] twang him into a tree (moony_graphithirdsouthobbi on December 11th, 2006 05:26 pm (UTC)
*squee* I knew you'd like Breaking Benjamin :) One of the things I like about them is that they're not overly negative. My favorite song off We Are Not Alone is actually Away... Made an icon set with it once. :)