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11 December 2006 @ 04:43 pm
Quilt projects to finish:

Diaper bag for K
Throw for The Tattooed and Pierced One
Bed quilt for The Artist
Bed quilt for me
Tote bag for me
Nap quilt for Rob
Fairy quilt
3 Chinese lattice quilts
Broken Dishes quilt
Gay Storm at Sea

When I finish these, I'm buying a guitar comma dammit. I want to play music and sing, but I can't justify another hobby with all this waiting to be done. Grar.
I'm at: Work still
I feel: boredbored
I can hear: Stone Sour, "Take a Number"
Robbstro on December 12th, 2006 02:53 am (UTC)
Broken Dishes quilt? I don't remember that one, but it sounds expensive...
Elletheletterelle on December 12th, 2006 03:07 pm (UTC)
Hee hee hee. :) It's the one I was going to give to Laura to raffle off for her team. If I ever get it done.