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23 January 2007 @ 02:54 pm
*trying to calm down*  
Okay. Horoscope says this is my year. Excerpts below:

You've entered one of your best years ever, for Jupiter, your ruler and planet of good luck and happiness, will tour Sagittarius all through 2007. You will have real luck now! In the coming year, one change that you'll surely notice is that your thinking will broaden noticeably, and your confidence will rise in equal measure. This month you'll also have exceptional courage, thanks to Mars' tour of Sagittarius until January 16 (you had Mars on your side last month, too.)

One of my best years ever? AWESOME.

Now let's turn our discussion to money - this time the news is good! When you go outside today to get your morning newspaper at the neighborhood candy store, you might want to pick up a couple of lotto tickets too, dear Sagittarius. And if you do, be sure to ask Mom ahead of time to contribute a few of the numbers you'll use, because one of your parents seems to have a hand in your luck! (If your parents are not alive, ask a person you love and whom you think of as a parent.)

No doubt about it, you'll be as lucky as a Leprechaun in the first week of January, thanks to a glowing full moon, January 3, due to light your eighth house of prizes, and other sorts of funds that come under the umbrella of "other people's money." Usually any financial news that one would hear just after the holidays would not be exactly what you'd hope to hear (most of us just expect more dreary bills in the mailbox), but this year your case appears to be different.

This full moon will send a very friendly beam to Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments, linking your house of money to your house of home and family. Your money may come in the form of a generous gift, inheritance, loan (perhaps as a down payment on a house), or help with a mortgage that allows you to pursue a dream. The good part about all this is that the income appears to be completely unexpected. Keep watch during the whole first week of January for news about a check. All full moons have a plus or minus area of influence of four days.

"beam to Uranus." Hee. :) I may not have won anything this month, but we did get that loan that eased things up tremendously. Clearly, this astrologer is spot-on. :)


Life has begun to be much more fun, and you may be fearful that the bad old days of 2001 - 2003 will suddenly make an ugly return. The answer is they won't! Sagittarius is known to be the ultimate optimist, and you'll soon be true to form once Jupiter, planet of happiness, gifts, and luck, starts to work his magic. Jupiter quietly entered your sign on November 24, 2006, and will remain in your sign until December 17, 2007, making this coming year your wonder year. This is the first time since 1995 that you've had Jupiter's favor.

The holiday decorations will barely be back in storage before credit card bills begin showing up - this year, within three days of the full moon, January 3. Yet this year, you'll not be too freaked out by what you find you owe (well, maybe initially, but not for long!) While your calmer demeanor could emanate from lessons learned from holidays past, making you more careful about how you spent for gifts this year, it seems more likely that the large check that arrives in the first week has something to do with your buoyant mood.

Either way, those old, fearful credit card statements you always dreaded seem to have become a thing of the past. Not true for you? You can get better control over finances in 2007 and even more so in 2008, so start now. With each passing month, you'll get better and better financial aspects.

In this lucky-for-money month, if you feel you're overdue for a raise, the new moon on January 18 will help you get a "yes" to that request. Schedule your performance review for Friday, January 19, or for any time in the week of January 22, and walk out with more money in your pocket.

Love will be its most passionate early in January near the full moon, January 3. All full moons have a plus or minus area of influence of four days, so New Year's Eve may leave you with an unmistakable glow that keeps you radiant for days on end. Looking forward, Venus will be in Aquarius during almost all of January, too, so watch for a casual friendship to grow into something more if you want it to.

One of your best romantic date nights will be January 12. To use this day to the max, consider taking a drive into the country and dine at a cozy inn that offers a roaring fireplace, delicately prepared gourmet meals and fine wines. The two of you should stay at the inn overnight if you both can spare the time, but if responsibilities at home press on you, simply enjoy a long, indulgent dinner together.

Overall, though, you have a fantastic outlook for romance. One of the new faces on your path that you meet now could easily become a lifelong partner, but when you first meet you may have no idea how fateful this meeting will turn out to be until much later. Amazing things have happened when Jupiter is in Sagittarius as it is now, for a full year.

If you are married, you'll grow closer and may consider having a baby, or if you have your family set, the idea of a second honeymoon may sound mighty attractive. This is YOUR year, dear Sagittarius - you have every reason to be excited!

Yay. :) My year? Then the bar will be MINE.
Corwyn distractingly says, "Ahhh a rope....".corwynj on January 23rd, 2007 08:06 pm (UTC)
baby steps Lottery first.