Elle (theletterelle) wrote,

OMG, I must be dying.

Something's wrong with me. I threw up again Friday night. This makes three times in two weeks. The episodes are happening approximately once a week.

Friday was the worst. I threw up so hard that blood vessels burst in my face, and now my face and neck are covered with little red-purple freckles. I threw up so hard MY EYEBALLS BLED. I have bloody eyeballs now. It's horrible.

I can't find a common denominator for what's causing this. First time: Saturday night, can't remember what I ate, took nighttime meds, went to bed. Sudden nausea, vomiting. No fever. Second time: Thursday morning, ate nothing, took morning meds (completely different from nighttime meds), got to work. Sudden nausea, vomiting, no fever. Third time: Friday night, ate junk food, took nighttime meds, went to bed. Sudden nausea, vomiting, no fever.

I talked to my dad, who has no idea what it might be, though he's been out of clinical medicine for many years and isn't familiar anymore with anything that's not basic. He said GI maladies are hard to diagnose (see the case of cheekymice), and require many expensive tests. Well, that's out. I could afford one doctor visit, maybe, but certainly no tests.

It's probably not a huge deal. I don't really think I'm dying. But I would like this to stop.
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