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14 February 2007 @ 09:32 pm
I never, ever ever ever want to go back to a hospital again ever.

After eight hours there, with the promise of three more to go, I started to cry.

I'm not going into the details. Let's just say cheekymice, I have a whole new well of sympathy for you. I can't imagine having to go through this as many times as you have.

Upshot: I am not dying. I do have uterine fibroids, which make it difficult if not impossible to have children. Since I had no interest in doing so, that doesn't bother me. They also, apparently, are the cause of some of my pain. Not all, just some. They may or may not contribute to the stomach pain and vomiting. No one knows.

I don't want to talk about the money either.

Anyway, I'm reasonably okay. Short of a CT scan (which I am NOT HAVING), everything looks reasonably fine.

Maybe the vomiting is stress. That would be nice. I'm going to figure on it being stress and let it go.
I feel: discontentdiscontent
vlynnvlynn on February 22nd, 2007 04:14 am (UTC)
Much sucketh, particularly adding to stress by piling on medical bills. But glad it sounds like it's fibroids or stress. Of all the things that coulda been...

Just had the surgery to remove a massive fibroid last year and what a difference it made. Most every woman of reproductive age gets 'em, just only some of us that actually get problems because of them. Lucky us, eh?

I prescribe some dancing to pretty, floaty music as stress relief once you're over your cold. ;-) *hug*