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21 January 2005 @ 05:13 pm
They're calling for 4-8 inches of snow in Southern Maryland, so I'm reeeeeally skeptical about making it out to Chiaroscur0 tomorrow night. If it's still even on. Guess I'll spend the evening at home with my computer again. *siiiiiiiiigh* *grin*

It's fine, really. I'll be spending all day tomorrow cleaning and reorganizing the basement, so it'll be good to relax in the evening instead of getting dressed up. Hopefully I'll make the next Chiaroscur0ke night. I should've expected this-- it's Arisia weekend. It always snows in DC on Arisia weekend. Ask me about the time I spent 7 hours in the Metro system. Feh.

Hope everyone on my flist who goes to Arisia has fun. Arisia's my absolute favorite con that I go to semi-regularly. There was no chance of my going this year, as I have no money nor the appearance of money. Grar.

Also? Icon hee. :)
secret_october on January 21st, 2005 03:49 pm (UTC)
er- was it you that wanted a cd from me?? I thought you told me that you were going to be at Midnight to collect them? As I am DJ'ing at Midnight this Saturday.:)