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29 May 2007 @ 05:49 pm
*frowns* I wanted to find a book at Gutenberg. Only I can't remember what I wanted. This is frustrating. *grabs random books to make up for it*

There really is tons of good stuff to read on Gutenberg. It makes me want a Pocket PC or something so I can have a library in my purse. I do wish, though, that it had indexing other than title, author, and language. Genre would be good, as would publication date. *cranks*

For later perusing, an orrery. Hmmm.

Hey DC people, Rob and I are coming up June 7-11. Don't miss this chance to glimpse the elusive bstro! :) We're free Saturday and Sunday (so far), so if anyone would like to get together, speak up!

UPDATE: The book was the Burton-translated 1001 Nights. I've only ever read the bowdlerized version for children, and I want to see what the stories really were.
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Baron Aloha: ?WERTYultramang on May 29th, 2007 11:01 pm (UTC)
Another place to check out is manybooks.net - they have pretty much the same files gutenberg has, but in more formats and nicer(when possible). I heard about it while looking for stuff formatted for Sony Reader(still rare, since there's no official .lrf maker yet).

If you're reading on the computer, books.live.com have the prettiest scans of old books, making even google's version look shabby. They got theirs from some Canadian library were people are probably too polite to even open the books. The file sizes are bigger, though.