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26 June 2007 @ 02:27 pm
Things that please me:

Finally remembering to switch to the Sunshine Energy program. For an extra $10/month, the first 1000 kwh of our monthly power usage will come from renewable resources. This means, in essence, 100% of our power use will be clean, as we rarely if ever go over 1000 kwh.

Finding out that you can buy electric conversion kits for the Chevy S-10 pickup. Electric truck! Range of 40-60 miles, with a top speed of 80 (iirc). Should we need it, we can buy another block of 1000 kwh, thus running the truck on renewable power.

Finding a used Chevy S-10 for $1500.

Tomorrow being my last day at the part-time job.

Actually DOING the rototilling and accompanying weeding of the backyard. It is all dirt, baby. Juniper Creek-level dirt. Rob wielded the tiller like a hero, and I did so much weeding my body ached for days. We have a good 6 inches of tilled soil (sandy, yes, but soil nonetheless) and have planted the clover which will hopefully grow and flourish and add nutrients to the soil. Now I just have to figure out what we're going to plant, and where. Corn, lettuce, tomatoes... what are other warm-weather vegetables and fruits?

The heat wave surrounding Milwaukee being scheduled to break the day we come in. Mid-seventies temps, low sixties at night, ooooh yes.

Things that do not please me:

Being exhausted due to bleeding. Seriously, I hate this design bug feature. So. Very. Tired. And I'm on the desk for another 1.5 hours, with another 3 hours of work after that. I may just bag it and go home early. Heck, it's my next-to-last day, what's anyone gonna do?

Being so tired after yardwork that I never did get the kitchen floor done. The bathrooms, however, are clean. Dust is still everywhere. I guess that part will have to be done when we come back.