Elle (theletterelle) wrote,

Icon meme

maudgonne asked me to talk about seven of my icons. Here we go.

1. Ryan Atwood

This is Ryan circa S1, I think when he was confined to the poolhouse after getting suspended for sneaking a look at Oliver's file. I was playing a lot with icons back then, and of course I was iconning the OC because it was My Show. :) Ryan is so angstful, and angst is my crack. Tasty, tasty crack.

2. Baby ducks

This was made by kielle. After her death, I realized that there was an icon she made that I didn't have, and I panicked and went roaring around looking for it. kitarra pointed me to her icon journal, and I nabbed all the icons she had made that I liked. This is one of my favorites. Baaaaaby ducks! They are so cute and fuzzy, and I love how they matter-of-factly climb up the curb. It's good to have an icon like this when posting or commenting on baby stuff.

3. Bohemian values 3: Truth

More OC icons. :) I decided to icon each kid as the four bohemian virtues. Ryan, of course, was Freedom, cause of the juvie connection. Marissa was Beauty, cause she's for damn sure not Truth or Love. :) Seth is Truth, because he just lets his thoughts spill out of him without tact or editing. And Summer is Love, because she really is a sweet, loving person.

4. Taylor Hanson says FUCK YOU

I went searching for Hanson pics to icon, cause HANSON, yes. :) And I don't know where this one came from, but it cracked me the fuck up. Who doesn't want to see Taylor Hanson flipping someone off? It's the juxtaposition that makes it funny. :) BTW, this was a crappy low-rez picture. I had to do all sorts of work with Photoshop in order to make it viewable. I wish I could have gotten better color, but I did the best with what I had.

5. Highfive!

A screencap from Das Experiment, which (for those who haven't seen it) is a very intense German movie based on an Italian book based on the Stanford Prison Experiment. In the movie, the men are random guys (not students) who answer an ad for experimental subjects in a prison setting. The hero, Tarek (guy in the icon) is an undercover reporter. He causes trouble in order to liven up his story. Bad Things Happen. When I first saw the movie, I thought they were overdramatizing what would happen, but no, they pretty much took the timeline straight from the real experiment.

6. Painted up like trash

Hee! I love this movie! Cry-Baby, John Waters' salute to teen gang films of the fifties, is hilarious. I saw it when it came out, and really didn't understand the satire. Now I get it, and I adore it. This is one of my favorite lines from the movie-- Cry-Baby's gramma is greeting each person in his gang. IIRC, the exchange goes like this:

RAMONA: Oh Wanda, you sure are pretty in them tight clothes, all painted up like trash!
WANDA: Man, I wish you were MY parents.

Those lines are delivered with such sincerity, it kills me.

7. Enjoy the show!

I don't have much to say about this one, actually. I was making Ben icons, cause, y'know, BEN, and I slapped some text on there. I don't remember why that, specifically.

So, okay, comment and I'll ask you about seven of yours. :)
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