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27 April 2008 @ 12:15 pm
Injury-free weekend!  
I got bitten by a few fire ants again, but that's all.

We went out to the acre* to do some more work Friday afternoon, but quickly discovered what farmers have known for centuries-- working in the hot sun is a Bad Idea. After about an hour and a half of Rob hauling wood chips and looking increasingly splotchy and red, we decided to can it for the day and come back early the next morning.


Yep, up at 5 am Saturday morning. This is clearly something special. :)

We didn't get out there till sunrise, sadly (6:45 am), but we got in 3+ good hours before we had to get to an appointment. And honestly, nothing beats working before the sun comes up. It's cool, it's light, but there's no sun in your face or on your neck.

We got more wood chips spread to keep the moisture in, as the soil is so sandy that water tends to leach right through. I transplanted some squash, and Rob got the sprinkler system set up so we can actually water the place. The water pressure is awfully low, is the only worry. (Hey honey, maybe we should put a valve on the hose between the two sprinklers and run only one at a time?)

We've decided to plant peanuts, for nitrogen fixing and also because PEANUTS. So next up, we plant soybeans and peanuts. Perhaps next to the corn. Also, we plant more corn. Man, I can feel sweat dripping into my eyes just thinking about it.

And we spread more wood chips, because there is never an end to spreading wood chips.

Man, this is cool stuff.

*acre= 1/4 acre actually planted. But someday we'll move beyond that-- maybe 1/2 acre as pasture, 1/2 as garden. But we don't want to overdo right at the start.
Robbstro on April 28th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
"(Hey honey, maybe we should put a valve on the hose between the two sprinklers and run only one at a time?)"

Could do. I thought for sure I saw something about each one having an off switch, but darned if I could find one.