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04 March 2005 @ 11:11 am
Comments, Prayers (and vibes), Recovery  
Husband again...

I don't want to take over my sweetie's LJ, so this will probably be my last or close to last post on her behalf. I stopped by again to see all the helpful encouragement that I was sure would be waiting for her, and you do not disappoint! I'll pass along all your well-wishes to her (and I did mean to mention in my other post well wishes and vibes, not just prayers, are welcome :). The more we talk about our cunning plans, the more hopeful we both feel not only for her health but for contributions we'll make to the world. She'll have more to say on that later, I'm sure.

Some replies for the LJ folks that I personally know (or at least I know that I know...I don't keep up, so there may be some usernames I just don't recognize):

fenriss: I know that the next couple months will be busy for you, but we're really hoping to get together sometime for a bit. Cause we want to, of course, and also cause you and your crew have knowledge we think will help us in our plans. If I'm being to vague, and curiousity keeps you up at night, call or e-mail me, and I'll be less vague.

ailei: No extra worry at all. Actually, I finished getting it ready probably a few weeks ago -- we just hadn't shipped it off until recently. After which we realized we forgot to pack the cord-thingie that helps it go. Let us know if you haven't got or can't get one.

mlewys: Our plans may very well involve you and family as well...at least, we hope you'll want to be involved. More soon. BTW, for the moment, we're going to be vague about Cereselle's situation on the Annex. I realize you'd've respected that without me even having said anything, but I have a habit of spelling out things unnecessarily.

kierajeng: Ack, I actually have been meaning to call you and feel dumb for having not. Forgive? Anyhow, I'm betting she'd like to see you sometime also, though don't know when she'll be ready for visiting. Once she's home, both of us might sleep for a couple days straight. (They wake her up at SEVEN A.M. at the hospital. That, fine people, is not right.)

tafkar: I hope your move went well. We received the box from you, so thanks much.

fuschia: I think I know you, but I'm not sure...sorry about that. But thank you, and you're right, she is amazing.

Chris: I appreciate the kind words, thanks. I may be in touch.

xiphias: I will pass on the hugs, definitely.

And everyone's hugs, vibes, and prayers as well. (I better pace myself...she'll be exhausted by the time I'm halfway through the hugs...) And thanks for the support not only for her, but for me. Yes, it is HARD. But to not go through this with her would be unthinkable. And to be honest, it's making me a much stronger person and between what we each has had to do to get through this and the things we'll be doing as a result of this, I have some new outlooks on life that I wish I'd had all along.

We're taking small steps, but I think we're on the road to recovery. But first, sleep.

Alright, I'd better go. I swore I'd never even start using LJ for fear of spending all day on it -- I sure don't need to do that with someone else's journal.
Fenriss: e and mefenriss on March 4th, 2005 08:39 am (UTC)
fenriss: I know that the next couple months will be busy for you, but we're really hoping to get together sometime for a bit.

You got it, hon. I'll be in contact soon, and E and I will absolutely makes time for you guys. I hope you know that you are a priority for us. Hugs and loves to you both.
Mary Lewys: Punk Angelmlewys on March 4th, 2005 01:50 pm (UTC)
We don't have much to offer, love, but whatever we have, is yours and Elle's. I told Hubby last night and he said to me, "You've offered our help, right?"

We're all concerned and thinking good thoughts.

As for the other matter, Elle let me know the degree of seperate and I will hold to it. *grins* You're absolutely right - you needn't say anything.

*hugs and love* BOTH of you be well.