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09 October 2008 @ 06:25 pm
I want a yurt  
I've been feeling the urge to go camping, now that it's no longer a bazillion degrees and a thousand percent humidity at night. However, I am not fond of nylon tents. Apart from the lack of breatheability, they are always too short for me to get in and out of easily (and I'm 5'3"!) and the zippers on the doors are a big hassle.

I want to camp in comfort. I want a yurt. Or ger. Whatever.

The Construction of a Yurt- very good step-by-step instructions. Also includes a spreadsheet to help you figure out what supplies you need.

Glenn-Sha's Gher Page- More good step-by-step instructions, along with clear pictures.

Pictures building a ger- Holy crow, so THAT'S how the walls are transported! How cool is that?

This whole process is very neat, but I wonder if it'd be possible to make the structure out of extendable aluminum tubing, like modern tents. If you could click each rafter into place on the roof ring before raising it, it'd be a lot easier for two people to get the roof in place. Hmm.

Other ideas:

Screening attached to the walls would not add appreciably to the rolled-up bulk, and would eliminate insects when the walls are raised for airflow.

Circular groundcloth would act as a form when setting up the walls, and would protect from dirt, ants, etc.

Circular roof with overhang could attach to the rope around the outside edge of the rafter circle with S-hooks.

ETA: SWEET. 50 yards of lightweight canvas should be around $250-- I just got 50 yards of assorted heavyweight fabrics for $39. KICK. ASS.