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19 October 2004 @ 03:54 pm

I had LASIK surgery yesterday. Summary: it hurt a little, my body freaked out and slept for 18 hours. I could do with some more sleep. :) Yesterday my vision was 20/275. Today it's 20/15. Weird. Really freaky weird.

So. I went there, already tired from staying up till 3:30 reading election news. I am such a junkie. :) They gave me half a Valium to keep me relaxed. Not sure I needed it, since I was tired already, but I'd never had Valium before, so hey.

They keep the office very cold because of the laser. I was tired, and getting spacey, and shivering waiting for my turn. Finally I was up.

They put me under the machine, and put anesthetic drops in my eyes. When those took effect, they put a speculum-tweezer thing in to keep my lids open. I began to hum Beethoven's Ninth. Yes, I really did. Well, I thought it was funny.

To do the surgery, they have to cut a flap in your cornea. That actually hurt a little. And it sounded like a dentist drill. That was the worst part: a Sharp Thing IN MY EYE THAT WENT VZZZZZZZZT!!

They peeled back the cornea and the laser went zap zap zap. I was trying to keep my eye still. It was kind of really freaky. You don't see the laser, you don't see anything except the light you're supposed to focus on, only nothing's in focus because your cornea isn't there.

After the laser, they put in some other kind of drops, which were cool and very nice, then they laid the cornea back on my eye and that eye was done. Process repeated on other eye.

My eyes puffed up some, I cabbed home and slept for six hours. Got up, had dinner, fell asleep again and slept for twelve hours.

Today I can see.

Now I'm $5100 in debt, on top of all my other debt, but... what the hell. Someday I'll have it all paid off. And in the meantime, I can see. :)
Fenriss: ghostfenriss on October 19th, 2004 05:18 pm (UTC)
You are brave! Hope you're recovering well.