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28 January 2011 @ 07:14 pm
I am silly  
Right, so, I posted already about how much I love Danger Days. Now... I find myself wanting to squee and revel and generally be a ridiculous fangirl because DUDE I LOVE THIS SHIT SO FUCKING MUCH.

Naturally, I'm reluctant to behave like this in front of all y'all who know and respect me. (Quiet, you.) So I'm going to create a bandom filter so as not to annoy you and make you reject me and my goofiness. (I'm going through an everyone-is-judging-me phase. Just smile and play along.) Want to be on it? Say it now and say it loud. :)
Drowned Girl Fuschia: mcr fk frank raygunfuschia on January 29th, 2011 05:20 am (UTC)
Hell, yes!
Galestormgalestorm on January 29th, 2011 11:15 am (UTC)
Loud and proud!!!
(Anonymous) on February 9th, 2011 04:44 am (UTC)
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