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12 April 2005 @ 02:15 am
Sorry. I just have to GIP. Because this amuses me so.
High-velocity pie of deathnixieq on April 12th, 2005 04:16 am (UTC)

i just actually laughed out loud at that. >:D
tiki_guytiki_guy on April 12th, 2005 04:43 am (UTC)
I have to learn a lot about Live Journal.
I feel almost as lost as I did back in the days of USENET.

First what is GIP?
Does live journal allow for RSS feeds? In paid subscriptions it mentions something about RSS, but I can't find it in a help file.

How do you make the Icons that show up next to your posts?

I've been on the net for 12+ years and I'm a newbee again, with the whole BLOG thing.

Elle: The bluest eyestheletterelle on April 12th, 2005 08:01 am (UTC)
GIP stands for Gratuitous Icon Post. When you don't have anything to say, but you want to show off an icon. :)

RSS, I'm still unfamiliar with, so I can't answer that.

Icons require graphics programs such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. I use Photoshop. You can just take a picture and crop and resize to 100x100 and use that as an icon, but the pretty ones require graphics work.

There are icon request communities, where you can ask someone for a specific icon. Like if you wanted a tiki. :) Or a parrot. Or something. Then whoever makes you the icon, you just credit them in the comment section.

I can make you icons if you want. :)
Mearimeari on April 12th, 2005 04:45 am (UTC)

Did you get my email? Just wondering. *uns around* So much to do this week! Trying o get all my ducks in a row
Elle: Staring at the universetheletterelle on April 12th, 2005 07:58 am (UTC)
Argh, yes. Sorry, darlin. Divine Secrets got bought already. I'm finding out shipping costs today. *loves*
Mearimeari on April 12th, 2005 08:04 am (UTC)
it's ok. I noticed it afterwards and thought I'd give it a shot.