Elle (theletterelle) wrote,

More music

Jens Lekman- Pretty Shoes

From the artist's website:

(from an old demo) i wrote this for a guy i didn't like. he used to come up to me at parties and tell me how boring i was. he was a genuine Doors-fanatic (we were 17) and he was mostly walking barefoot except this one time at a new years party where it was so cold that even he had put on some shoes. some brand new shiny jogging shoes. i got mad at him for bugging me and my hippie friends kept repeating "you can't judge him , you don't know him, you can't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes..." . so i stole his shoes and walked home.

this is a song many want to hear when i play shows but i've never played this song cause i prefer singing songs about people i like instead.
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