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28 June 2005 @ 04:00 pm
I've been following, off and on, the story of Zach, the 16-year-old who came out to his parents, who promptly shipped him off to De-Gaying Camp. Today the AP reported (sorry, can't find a link, but the article is reproduced on the first comment page of Zach's last MySpace entry) that the Tennessee CPS investigated Love in Action but found it innocent of child abuse.

I'd skimmed it before, but I read the rules that Zach posted closely just now. They're simple brainwashing, is what they are. I read his last couple entries before he went to the camp. And then I scrolled back and read the previous entries. Just some interview memes, nothing major. But seeing those normal entries, made by a kid whose life has since been completely shattered... well, I started to cry. At work.

I want to see him and reassure him that he's okay, it's these people who can't handle anything outside their own prescribed normality that are fucked up. I want to give him a safe place to be. I want him to be able to heal in a friendly place.

Not just him. I want to help everyone who's in a place like that, undergoing mental torture to turn them into what their parents want them to be. I wish I could take them all in.

I think I'd be a good foster parent for kids who are kicked out of their homes, or who run away because they're gay. I wonder if there's a program for that?

Oh hey, morgankissboys is blogging the daily protests outside the Refuge center where Zach is. I'm awfully tempted to go out there and protest for a few days. I'll feel kind of like a Citizen Ruth person, but whatever.
Elle: Changestheletterelle on July 1st, 2005 01:36 pm (UTC)
Sweetie, that is awesome! After we're settled and have jobs, I'll bring it up with Rob. Thanks for giving me this idea. Rob's not usually too into stuff that brings random entities into the home (he was even resistant to getting a dog), but if I lead up to it by doing gay rights work in FL, he might see it as a natural progression and be more amenable.

Now I wonder if there are outreach programs for gay teens. I'll have to look into that. Yay, excitement!