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23 August 2005 @ 07:05 am
Hmm, I seem to have solved that dilemma by staying up all night. I feel a little bit drunk. Hee. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and it's 7 am, an hour at which I'm never awake. This is wild.

I'm hungry.

You know how you crave something, and then you get it, and it doesn't satisfy the craving at all and you can't stop looking for more, even though there isn't any more, or maybe there is but your friends who could tell you where to find it are all asleep because they're wimps and fell over almost an hour ago even though they're three hours behind? In short, maudgonne sucks.

Okay, she doesn't.

I'm still hungry.

OH! Regarding moving. We are. I am. Over the next two weeks, I'm going to finish packing (I've done a ton already), load up a uhaul, and drive it to Florida. By myself, because I rock that way, and because Rob hasn't given notice at work yet. Then I'll come back, sell or give away the furniture we're not keeping, arrange for the floors to be refinished and for the house to be cleaned, pack up Rob and Saffie, and go.

So, like, three weeks. and I'll be gone.


Just when the weather's getting nice, too.

I feel kind of funny. Maybe I'm too old to stay up all night. I think I'll take a nap. Unless I start twitching, and then I'm going to say screw it, get up, and start packing.

Okay. Bed now.
Mary Lewys: Kittymlewys on August 23rd, 2005 05:09 am (UTC)
Come on! You can't miss out on hurricane season all together! *grins*