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11 October 2005 @ 12:33 am
Too tired to do anything, so...

Elle needs the following to run properly.
ELLE needs 125 Watts to be provided during maximum power loading.
ELLE needs two Omni antennas (one out each end) for communication at launch. [SNARF!]
As Elle needs to find a place to live in Washington, she naturally moves into the Watergate complex, where she befriends Sidney Post.
Elle needs to be shorter, punchier and cheaper! [um, no, no, and no.[
Elle needs to sway some opinions and what better way to do it than having the interns do a little dance number to George Clinton's “Atomic Dog?
Elle needs more help that he can provide.
Elle needs a mommy!! Look what she has to offer!
I think Elle needs a massive congratulations coz shes pregnant and her baby is due in a week woo hoo go Elle u go girl ((huggles)) [OH DEAR GOD NO.]
I think Elle needs to stick to AM radio with the “Two Live Stews” or step her interviewing game up.
Elle needs a foster home for 2-4 weeks.