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12 November 2004 @ 02:50 pm
Guns Guns Guns  
Hey fenriss and ericrowe--

Remember the progressive shooting group we were talking about? Look what I found!

Pink Pistols of NoVA

We should check it out. :)
Fenriss: maggie hopeyfenriss on November 12th, 2004 01:56 pm (UTC)
I will look into this. I'm just a little concerned because I checked out a similar group a few years ago, and found them to be very "right libertarian." I can't remember exactly where I found the link, or if it was possibly even the same people. I just want to be sure that they don't have an otherwise NRA-like agenda, you know? But if they turn out to be cool, we should definitely see about going on an outing with them! (hey, "outing" :)
Elle: A hero will save ustheletterelle on November 12th, 2004 02:34 pm (UTC)
Yes, I do see your point. :) But this bit on their site made me feel like they're us:

The regular group includes various geeks and pseudo-geeks, Rennies, SCAdians, and other fringe elements.

That sounds about right. :)

And GUH for the L&R icon. Butch never looked so yummae. :)
Dana: hello (i_cracked)thirdsouthobbi on November 14th, 2004 05:35 pm (UTC)
*hesitant peek*

Hey... Um... Was just wondering if you liked what I sent you. Haven't seen you online in forever and a day, so... *shrugs*