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Dec. 4, Sunday
Put up outside Xmas decorations.
Stain large bookcases
Mix Xmas cookie dough & chill

Dec. 5, Monday
Stain large bookcases again
Wash, fold, and put away laundry
Clean kitchen

Dec. 6, Tuesday
Clearcoat bookcases

Dec. 7, Wednesday
Clearcoat bookcases again
Roll out, cut, and bake Xmas cookies- freeze
Clearcoat bookcases 3rd time

Dec. 8, Thursday
Fix toilet tank in master bath

Dec. 9, Friday
Make up master bed and move upstairs
Unpack Elle's books (some)
Pick up short bookcases

Dec. 10, Saturday
Stain short bookcases (2 times)
Paint medallions

Dec. 11, Sunday
Put up inside Xmas decorations
Clearcoat short bookcases (2 times)

Dec. 12, Monday
Clean up downstairs
Clearcoat short bookcases

Dec. 13, Tuesday
Unpack rest of books

Dec. 14, Wednesday
Set up Dickens' Village for Mom

Dec. 15, Thursday
Get Xmas tree

Dec. 16, Friday
Decorate Xmas tree
Make Rob birthday cake and dinner

Dec. 17, Saturday

Dec. 18, Sunday
Rob, Rick, Karina, to Islands of Adventure
Unfreeze cookies

Dec. 19, Monday
Decorate Xmas cookies

The annual Sanford Parade of Homes is going on now. People are walking up and down our street to look at the gorgeous houses, of which ours is not one at the moment. Maybe next year. :) Gah, at some point I need to picspam you all with the houses here, with our Xmas decor, with the rooms once they're all cleaned up and decorated... ack!
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