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18 December 2005 @ 07:16 pm
I don't really have much to update, so I wasn't going to. But fuckit, it's my LJ and I'll post minutiae if I feel like it. :)

Saw "Rent" today. I liked it, but then I was a big Rent fan back in the day. If I was coming to it with no prior feelings, I would have found it hard to connect with the characters and the storyline, I think. What worked very well onstage was pretty uneven on film. Also, I was hugely disappointed they cut my favorite song, the giant chorus number that I can't remember the name of, but that kept repeating the line "And it's beginning to snow." Ah, it probably would've disappointed me on film anyway.

Tango Maureen was a definite improvement on the play, though, as was Without You and Blaze of Glory. They enabled us to find out more about the characters without a lot of exposition. Also, Tango Maureen was fucking hot. ;) Even more than the Roxanne Tango from Moulin Rouge. Tango Maureen made me really want to learn to tango. Hmm.

Last night the family all went out for Rob's birthday. We went to dinner, then to a play, "Every Christmas Story Ever Told." It was supposed to be an amalgamation of all the big Christmas stories-- Frosty, Rudolph, Christmas Carol, the Grinch, etc. It sounded like it would be funnier than it was, but it had its moments. Rob really enjoyed it, so that's all that matters. :) It was put on by the Orlando Shakespeare Festival, which is our Shakespeare company, and I'm considering getting season tickets next year. It's a very nice space they have, and I suspect there may not be as many theater supporters in Orlando as there were in DC. Maybe I'm wrong. :) This year they're not doing anything I long to see (Imaginary Invalid, Julius Caesar), so we'll see what they offer next year.

Oh! And they have Shakespearean acting classes, including workshops and summer camps for adults. I know I said in schmecky's journal that I don't want to be an actor, but that doesn't mean I don't like acting. :) I just wouldn't want to do it for a living. Well, that's not true either. I'd love to act for a living, but I don't have the mentality to deal with rejection, let alone seeing myself as a commodity. I'd only be an actor if I could be guaranteed interesting parts, steady work, and plenty of money. And since that is a guarantee that can never be made, I don't really want to be an actor. :) In any case, I would love to learn some stagecraft. All the acting I've done has been solely instinctual, and I'd really like some structured learning. Maybe do some community theater. Community Shakespeare, so much the better. :)

I am hungry. Rob is home, and we are going to find food. Merry Holidays!
sphinxvictorian on December 18th, 2005 09:49 pm (UTC)
Community Shakespeare is a blast, I think! I've had fun doing the two productions I've done here in Brattleboro. I was a drama major, eons ago, but I'm just as happy doing it on the amateur community level. Especially now I'm away from the LA area, where even community theatre requires an Equity card, and you have to be skinny and gorgeous even if you're playing a character part!

I am going to try to see Rent, but I may have to wait until it comes out on DVD, unless I can get Fuschia to go and see it with me. Not Lija's cup of tea, I'm afraid!