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26 December 2005 @ 05:50 pm
Christmas presents? Oh hell yeah. :)

The best is my Janome Memorycraft 6500P. Yes, it's a sewing machine. Yes, I am delirious with joy. This is the first good machine I've ever owned, and with 11 years of sewing behind me, I think it's warranted. :D I've been sewing on cheap-ass machines for years. I finally get to experience a good one!

This is an excellent machine for quilting, which has me all excited. I'm still going to be sending some quilts to iamari for quilting, because her machine is beyond excellent. All my good ones will go to her. :) But this is going to make my charity quilting so much easier. Eeeeee, I so can't wait to get going!

I also got some clothes, some books and DVDs, and a record/CD player that looks like a Victrola, which will look fantastic in the entryway. :D But the sewing machine is the highlight of Christmas. I need to finish organizing my fabric and get it all put away so I have room to unpack the machine.

Also of note is smolder's gift of 2 pounds of See's candy. *salivates* AND the first Fiona Patton book, which I can't wait to read. I got so excited when I saw the box! *dances*

There will be a more coherent update later. I have stuff to talk about. Or I will, once I'm done with this quick project that I'm working on...