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06 December 2004 @ 05:15 pm
So this is my dream  
It's actually doable, if there are enough people who share the dream. And it's a really great dream indeed.

Look at this property. Seriously, look at it. Woods. Lakes. Reasonably near an urban area, where the average low in winter is 20 degrees F. And who of us hasn't experienced that level of cold? It's not like the Yukon, y'all.

Here's another one. And another. And still another.

My dream:

For me and a number of like-minded people to buy one of these plots of land. Each of us to carve off a chunk, 5 or 10 acres, build a house, and be a community. We would all know and trust each other. We would be far enough apart for privacy, but close enough that one family could take another's kids for the night if necessary. We'd be close enough to the major metropolitan area in the province (Halifax) for jobs. For major purchases, such as a snowplow, we'd all contribute.

Canada has a very good immigration program, and they are looking for skilled tradespeople and techies. You don't have to give up US citizenship to live there. And if 7 families/people could put down, say, $3500 Canadian (approximately $2900 US), we'd have a 50% down payment.

I'm not talking about moving there right away. Just buying. Land appreciates, and the longer we hold on to it, even without building, the more it'll be worth. Hell, if you just wanted to use it as vacation camping grounds, you could do that. I think living there would be better, but that's me. :) For those of us who're concerned about the growing fascism in the US, it's a place to escape to. For those of us who believe global warming exists, it's retirement insurance. For me, this isn't about leaving the US-- if there was a place in the US where I could be close to urbanity, get a job and buy this amount of beautiful land for this price, I'd go there too. But it helps that Canada's national priorities are in line with mine.

It's financially possible. It can be realized. It just requires taking that leap.

Anyone want to take the leap with me?
Nick Charlesbluelens on December 6th, 2004 02:52 pm (UTC)
This is nothing negative about your dream trust me.

With that said. You should check out this book The Eden Express By Mark Vonnegut.

This is a really interesting book chronicling Marks descent into insanity and his return back. Most of this happened in a commune he helped start in Canada. Keep in mind this was in the 70's with heavy drug use and such so, like I said above, this is in no way trying to detract you from what you posted. I just think it is an interesting read considering.

I have a copy if we ever meet in person and you are interested in reading it.
Elle: Nasty motherfuckertheletterelle on December 7th, 2004 11:15 am (UTC)
I've read several accounts of communal living, enough to know that it takes a hell of a lot of hard work. I'm not proposing a commune as such (see my comment to stakebait below) but a planned community, for lack of a better term. Much like a subdivision, except we all do the development, rather than the developer. No communal farms or anything. That's a recipe for broken friendships.

I forget, are you in Canada? Do you have any tips for where to look?