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15 February 2006 @ 11:52 pm
King? Hah.  
Someone gave me a yellow rose. Thank you, someone! :D

I am going a little bit crazy without Photoshop. There's PSP on this computer, but it's NOT THE SAME. Argh. I could install PS on here, but that would mean finding the external drive and hooking it up. I am so lazy, me.

Interesting day. I met with a guy who runs his own business continuity consulting firm. I asked him questions about the field. His answers jibe with the ones I got from Siemens' business continuity manager-- it's very hard to get into without a background (i.e. college major or internship) in the field, because upper management of most companies don't want to pay someone to think of things that could go wrong, and prepare for them. Because that means things can go wrong, and if we all stick our fingers in our ears and go LA LA LA everything will always be fine and we'll make money every quarter. Or something.

So yeah. That dream looks like it might be pretty short-lived. He was extremely complimentary about my resume and my skills though, and said if he had the money he'd hire me in a second, because he needs intelligent people who are able to research and speak intelligently on any area. Like librarians can. :) In fact, he offered me some contract work doing a newsletter he wants to market. He's sending me a proposal, I'll send him back a writing sample based on his info, and if things work out, I might get a little extra cash. So that's good. :)

He really seemed to like me, and really wanted to see me succeed. He just didn't think this was the right field. Or it would be the right field, if there was more room in the field. *sigh*

I don't get it. How can businesses operate without planning for future problems? Oh wait, they just let the problems happen and then scream for government bailouts. Thank God this country doesn't believe in welfare.

So, what should I look to do? I'm awesome, okay? I should totally be hired and put in the Department of Awesome People, and be admired by one and all. But failing that, what kind of corporate thing can I do to get money? That doesn't go against my principles of Doing Good and Helping Others?

I'm going to try the hospital route. (For those who are late to the story, or who missed that part, there is a hospital chain here with which my family and I are interconnected-- Mom's best buddies with the president's wife, I grew up with the daughters of two veeps, we all went to church together, my dad's a doctor there, my sister's a nurse there-- it's like I spent my life networking without knowing it.) Veep 1 gave me the number of someone to call and talk to. I'm going to lay it out-- here are my skills, I am awesome, tell me how I can fit into this organization. Because whatever I do for a hospital, it's a HOSPITAL, and I will never have to feel guilty about what I do. Also, the pay is not bad. It's a nonprofit, so it's not as good as a corporation making tons of money, but hey, no guilt!

Friday I meet with a county emergency planner, but I'm kind of letting go of the dream already, so unless he tells me there's a job in my home county and he knows I'd get it, I'm going to let this drop. Just have to figure out what the next thing is.

If I don't have a job in 3 months, I'm giving up and going to work at Jo-Ann's. At least I'll get a fabric discount.
(Anonymous) on February 15th, 2006 10:06 pm (UTC)
Business can be a tricky business. (pun intended) Having owned my own businesses for 8 years, I can tell you that planning only gets you so far. Some things come right out of left field and there is no preparing for them, no matter how prepared you think you are. Look at digital music. Who could have guessed that the music business would take that turn? (besides Shawn Fanning (Napster) and Steve Jobs (Apple)) Okay.. bad examples. :)

I know you said that you don't think that you have the fortitude to go into environmental lobbying or other such endeavors, but the you've been worrying about the environment for as long as I've known you.13 freaking years you've been bemoaning the poor planet. So do something about it. Instead of wringing your hands and worrying to death about all things green, you should charge head-on into the fray. If you find out that you don't belong there, at least then you could say you tried. I think you're scared to try. But don't be. You are one of the smartest people I've ever met. A little too smart for your own good sometimes. You over-think things (at least you used to). Sometimes life is just black and white. You have the brains and the heart to make a difference in this world, you just need the guts. Remember, the harder you squeeze the cactus, the less the needles hurt.

Oh, and not to burst your bubble, but hospitals can be as evil as any other business. I worked in nursing for 2 years (LPN) and what I saw in that time was enough for me. (There's a reason I'm not an organ donor.)

There. I said it. Sorry to vent in your direction, but I thought you should know.


Elletheletterelle on February 15th, 2006 11:28 pm (UTC)
I'm talking about emergency planning-- what do you do if gas prices spike so high that your just-in-time inventory can't get here? What do you do if a hurricane wipes out your physical plant? Stuff like that. Not business strategic planning, although that might be interesting too.

As for environmentalism, what makes you think I've done nothing about it? You haven't been in contact with me for years. You have no idea what I've been working on, or how many letters I've written, petitions I've circulated, cleanups I've helped with. Dude, I'm starting a biodiesel co-op. I am so not scared to make a difference in the world.

Lobbying would require that I find a lobbying job on the right side. You can't just walk into the Sierra Club or Greenpeace and say "Hi, I want to work for you." I don't have the credentials. Not to mention which lobbying would require that I live in DC, where I hope never to live again. State lobbying would take place in Tallahassee, which is about 3 hours north of my home.

Of course hospitals can be evil. Any business can be evil. (Dude, nursing homes? Can be hideous.) I've worked at this hospital before, though, in many different sections, and I am confident it is not evil.

Please don't vent at me and assume things that really aren't true. I appreciate the nice things you said, but I assure you, I have a realistic view of my situation. (Also, my panic disorder is now under control with medication, so I don't react like I used to. :)

(Interestingly, when I do have panic attacks, they don't fixate on environmental issues so much as apocalyptic fears-- lack of oil to make Big Ag fertilizer resulting in a lack of food, riots in the streets, roving gangs of criminals out to get my food, breakdown of society, stuff like that.)
(Anonymous) on February 16th, 2006 07:08 am (UTC)
Hey, didn't mean to step on any toes, I just calls em the way I sees em, and I'm only going on what I see here. Granted, I haven't been in contact with you for many of those years, but from what I see today and what I saw then - you are very much the same. A tribute to your genuineness (made-up word?) I guess. I was just pointing out the fathomless potential you have to change things. You are what I refer to as a "Magnificent Person" . A person whose options are unlimited - they will be magnificent at anything they try. Kind of like the Pretender.

As for not having the credentials - who says? You have a Masters degree in law-librarianism (or something :) ) You worked for Crowell and Moring - one of the most influential law firms in DC. You could walk into the Sierra Club and I bet they'd take a long, hard look at you.Your mastery of research could be invaluable to firms like theirs. Hey, it worked for Pauly Shore, buudddyyy. Believe it or not, he has an advanced degree in oceanography and does work for the Sierra Club. (So I'm told by environmental scientists around here who hate his guts - no to mention his comedy)

I'm not trying to break any balls, I'm more like a cheerleader - or Tony Robbins. (Tony Robbins hungry... :)) I never doubted that you looked at things realistically - I'm on your side. (As much as a friend who lives 1000 miles away and only speaks sporadically through half written musings on a blog reply when he's taking his pain medication or his tequila (same thing) can be. I have an inside view of the environmental world that you may not have and am telling you what I see. (PS, don't tell my wife I'm telling you this - as a scientist she hates both hippies and tree-huggers. :))

(Oh, and as for roving gangs of criminals taking your food - a $135.00 12 gauge shotgun from Wal-Mart worked for me during Hurricane Rita. Firearms -the great equalizer.)
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