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03 March 2006 @ 12:58 am
smolder left today. It was awesome having him here, but very tiring. :) My body thinks I'm older than I am, and has forced me to sleep way more than I wanted to. We didn't get to do as much stuff as I planned, because after Epcot? THUD. So tired.

We managed to hit almost everything in Epcot, and a good chunk of the stuff at Kennedy Space Center. I wish I were ready for more, but those two wiped me the hell out. Dammit. I need to get in shape.

Saffie loved smolder more than she loves me. I am not jealous. *snif*


Y'know, we did a lot this week. But damned if I can remember much of it. And we weren't even drinking. Much. We probably could've stood to drink more, actually. When you have three introverts together for five days, a little social lubrication isn't a bad thing. Overall, though, it was a good visit. Love you, C! And yes, Rob does like you. :)

Happy birthday to Maud and Walter! smolder and I have a surprise for you, oh yes we do. But it's a secret. You'll find out later-- no, Maud, I will NOT tell you now. Shush.
Waltermswalter on March 3rd, 2006 12:17 am (UTC)
But you'll tell me, right??? I love surprises!
Let go Let go Let Really gomaudgonne on March 3rd, 2006 12:23 am (UTC)
Not even a hint?

Oh, fine, I won't even ask. I'll just be silent and impatient, over here.

Glad you two had a good visit!