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19 April 2006 @ 02:29 pm
Every day I do something toward getting a job. Today I emailed three people for advice and referrals. Dammit, this WILL happen.

I am getting synced with the new drugs, which is awesome. I am awake! I can do things! The question now is what to do? I could sew, but I'd rather wait on that till the sun goes down. My sewing room gets the full brunt of the afternoon sun, and it gets very hot in there. I could put the air on, but it'll use less energy if I put it on later in the evening when the sun is gone.

I could clean the kitchen, and I probably will, but right now... I don't waaaaaanna.

I could go to the gym, but same problem. Grr. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

I really shouldn't sit around and play computer games. They accomplish nothing.

I dreamed last night that it snowed in my neighborhood. I took this as evidence of global climate change, and it scared me. The heat that's actually here isn't great, but at least it's normal for this time of year.

Maybe I'll go find something to eat.
I can hear: "True," Spandau Ballet