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16 December 2004 @ 01:17 pm
Guess who's sick?

Finished the strep antibiotics early this week, but I never did feel 100% better. I have sinus drainage problems, and now I've developed a hack-and-spit cough. But I'm out of sick time AND vacation time. As in negative balances. So no matter how sick I get, I have to come in.

Christmas shopping is mostly done. One gift to buy for a brother-in-law. One quilt to quilt and bind for a niece. One princess dress to sew together and hem for another niece. One wall quilt to cut out, fuse, quilt, and bind for Mom. If that should fail, there will be an emergency present. I just have to think of what.

I've volunteered to be the Maryland coordinator for Turn Your Back on Bush. Because I never know when to quit. Here I was thinking I'd have it easy after the holidays. Ha! At least I get Inauguration Day off, because my building is along the parade route and the high-powered partners want to keep the riffraff out of the building so they can entertain clients. Cool with me. Okay, so after the inauguration, I can take it easy. I think.

I hope I remembered everyone I need to remember for Christmas...