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15 May 2006 @ 02:48 pm
Interview the second.

1. What is the importance of beauty in your life and in the general environment around you?

It is vital. Life in my graceful, beautiful new house feels so much better than life in my old unbeautiful brick box. I spend vast swaths of my time creating beautiful things, whether computer graphics, costumes, quilts, or gardens. Without beauty... I can't even imagine how I'd react. With massive frustration and anger, I suppose.

2. Wish upon a star. You have the power to bring one person or thing from anywhere in the world to where you are right now. What happens?

Al Gore comes to visit me. I take him to meet my parents, and we all have a conversation about politics and about the environment. My parents learn that there are noncorrupt politicians, and that voting for a Democrat can be a good thing. They see the human Al Gore, not the robot that the media tries to make him out to be.

3. All the animals are running from a forest fire. The deer passes a hummingbird hovering at the edge of the fire, beating its wings as fast as it can. "Run!" says the deer. "I'm trying to put out the fire," says the bird. "What can one bird do?" asks the deer. "Flap harder!" replies the bird. This hummingbird is (a) an idiot, (b) a hero, (c) something else?

Wow. I'm going with (c), because the hummingbird is not an idiot for wanting to do something, but is throwing away its energy on a tactic that will clearly not work. Instead, the hummingbird should grab all its little hummingbird friends, as well as the blue jays, the robins, the finches, even the butterflies, and persuade them all to flap as hard as they can.

Risking one's life in a doomed gesture isn't heroic. It's a waste. But doing something other than saving one's own skin is not idiotic. As long as there's a possibility of succeeding (miracles aside), it's heroic.

4. What's the hardest craft project you haven't started but realistically think you'll attempt in the next year?

Oooh, hard. Um. I think my Amber Trumps quilt series, which I've planned and fiddled with a bit, but haven't really put work into. I do want to do it; I think it'll be gorgeous. But I need to figure out what painting/coloring medium to use for the figures, and figure out how realistic to make it. Nothing I've tried so far has satisfied me. I'll probably pick it up again later.

5. You wake up just knowing it's going to be a bad day inside your head. How do you know that? What can you do about it?

I rarely expect a day to be bad. It just happens. The few occasions I've known the day would suck, it's been because of a work project I'm not looking forward to. As for what I do about it... I suffer through it and go home as soon as I can, curl up with comfort food and my laptop, and go to sleep early, trusting that the next day will be better.
drwexdrwex on May 26th, 2006 01:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the answers. I enjoyed reading them.