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18 May 2006 @ 02:56 pm
Well, it looks like this project is winding down. Tomorrow may be the last day, or they might keep us on a day or three next week. But this is about it.

I asked about the permanent position I'd applied for. They still don't know whether they're going to fill it, and in any case, they don't like that I don't have experience with administering an intranet. (insert rant about htf do I GET experience without someone giving me a chance??) However, they may have a business researcher position that would be temp to perm. They're going to decide that next week. They would just tap me for that through my temp service, then make me permanent at some point.

God, I hate this job hunt. HAAAATE. *frets*

On the plus side, I'm scheduling two in-person information interviews with relatively high-placed people. These should take place in the next couple weeks.